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Payroll on the Web is located in Roseville, California within the metropolitan area of Sacramento. At Payroll on the Web, we have prided ourselves in creating a unique payroll and reporting system primarily tailored to suit the needs of restaurant franchises and food businesses with multi-site companies. We have been servicing our clients across the country for over 15 years and we continue to grow and bring innovative solutions to the industry and our clients.

At Payroll on the Web our mission is simple:

  • To improve our customers' businesses by offering valuable products, services and systems that reduce overhead and help maximize profit.
  • To exceed customer expectations by providing professional, courteous, and efficient customer service in a timely manner.
  • To provide our employees and partners with a friendly and rewarding experience which encourages long-term, satisfying partnerships for professional and personal growth.
  • To keep our business fresh, innovative and current on technology, news and industry trends.

We know how busy you and your team are, therefore, our services are designed for the busy professional. We make the entire process simple, accessible and notably affordable. With personalized service, custom applications and mobile communications, we continuously meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Payroll is all about people. Allow us to tell you about ours.

Alistair Maclean
President, Founder, CEO

Alistair Maclean started the company Payroll on the Web alongside his wife and Co-Founder JoLynn Maclean. The company evolved and progressed substantially since its inception in 1998. The idea and opportunity stemmed from a long résumé of experience in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry and a keenness for technology.

Alistair acquired a Bachelor of Science in Catering and Foods Service Systems in his native country of England at Sheffield Hallam University. It is through his business of One Potato, Two Potato that he partnered with a niche oven manufacturer to promote and sell their products overseas which eventually brought Alistair to California.

Once here, he met a business partner and opened a restaurant where he met his wife-to-be JoLynn. The computer and technology boom of the 90s was just what Alistair needed to take his merit to a new level.

It is this paired set of expertise and experience that made him the perfect candidate for Restaurant System Specialist for Jack in the Box, supporting over 150 restaurants in CA and NV. Through his own vision and ingenuity, he created and improved systems to track the overall operations of the businesses. He built interfaces in the companies programs which led to creating a full-scale Payroll Software. As a result, AliMac PC Services was born, later known as Payroll on the Web.

JoLynn Maclean
Vice President, CFO

JoLynn has many years of retail, accounting and payroll experience that has complimented Alistair's experience and helped to create Alimac PC Services and Payroll on the Web.

Originally from the Bay Area in California, JoLynn worked managing a large department and many employees at Emporium while raising her two daughters. It was here that she met Alistair.

She also worked as a Roller Derby Referee for the Bay Bombers. In fact, for over 30 years she has been and still is an active Referee for American Roller Skating League.

Marrying Alistair in 1989, with his industry knowledge and technology passion, and her over 12 years of retail management experience they were a perfect pair to let their entrepreneurial spirits soar.

After working for Emporium, JoLynn opened her own day care business. While owning and operating her business she also began doing payroll for one small franchise in the East Bay Area.

Having an aptitude for the numbers and the payroll processing, when she and Alistair moved to Roseville she began providing payroll services for a 27-location franchise.

When the time came and Alistair formed Alimac PC Services JoLynn worked by his side performing any task needed, keeping the books and running the operation as he expanded the technology and offerings.

Today, JoLynn is an integral part of Payroll on the Web. She's more than just CFO; she is the “Mom” managing all finances, employees and operations while she continues to support Alistair's insatiable technology thirst and constant evolution of solutions for the clients.

At Payroll on the Web we value, respect and empower our employees. As a result, we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

CORI MITSCH, Tax Specialist - Payroll Support Supervisor (employee since May 2010)

“Here at AliMac we are a team! We support each other and our clients towards success.”

PAM HESKET, Payroll Specialist - Team Lead (employee since June 2009)

“It's been wonderful being a part of this growing company for five years. Our staff enjoys working as a team while taking pride in our work and client relationships.”

SHELBY CHANEY, Payroll Specialist - (employee since March 2013)

“Working here at AliMac has been wonderful. I love the family atmosphere JoLynn and Alistair promote in the office, and the client relationships we develop are priceless.”