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Payroll on the Web 100% Paperless On-Boarding
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With Payroll on the Web, Employee On-Boarding is simple and accurate.
Your new employee visits the secure portal and creates an account. Once logged in, your employee will be guided through a question-and-answer process, completing all necessary paperwork and forms. Required documentation can be scanned or faxed to be automatically included in your new employee's file. Once the employee has concluded the on-boarding process, the workflow engine routes the employee file to the appropriate person or department for review or further action.

Cost is less than $17 per location per month!*
*Based on 22 active employees per location. Actual cost depends on number of active employees.

Applicant Tracking Simple (Optional): Employee can apply online and if hired, all employee data can rollover into on-boarding module. This removes the redundancy of painstakingly filling out multiple forms, ensuring that everything is received at a much faster pace.

Applicant Tracking Advanced (Optional): Employee can apply online by smart phone, tablet, or PC. Job can easily be advertised on job boards with a link to apply. Managers and admin staff can rate applicant and use the average scoring for applicant's suitability. If hired, all employee data can rollover into on-boarding module.


  • Works with centralized on-boarding or at location
  • Stock of standard on-boarding questions but can add custom questions as well
  • Can be displayed in English and Spanish at Employee level
  • I9 and W4 filled in correctly and stored as encrypted PDF
  • Upload your policies and handbook both English and Spanish where applicable
  • Direct Deposit and Paycard Data can be included in process.
  • Takes less than an hour for company set-up in most cases
  • ACA questions added for Full-time employees such as dependent info and declination of benefits etc.
  • Can include background checks link and employee authorization
  • Once submitted, PDF's and form fields appear in payroll within minutes
  • Can retrieve documents at any time including a batch of I9's for an audit

Post Hire:

  • Disciplinary Notice Tracking. Can get employee to sign and give response
  • Can have employees re-sign updated company forms and policies
  • Time off requests
  • Terminations
  • W4 and address changes by employees from their phone, tablet or PC

E-verify (Optional): Instant response including validation of photograph question that E-verify may ask. If Payroll on the Web is currently doing your E-verify - this option will save you 80% of the cost. (Depending on your volume, this savings alone could potentially pay for the On-boarding application)

WOTC credits (Optional): This can be included in the workflow engine and require that employees answer questions in order to proceed. As an added item to on-boarding the cost of fees is reduced by 5-10%. If you want to use your existing processor, that is okay. A link can be added to their site or include the phone number to make the process compulsory.
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