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Pay-As-You-Owe Program (*for businesses that qualify)

Payroll on the web is a certified participant in the Pay-As-You-Owe Program. For companies that qualify, we can link your payroll to your Workers' Comp allowing you to only pay what's owed per pay period. We calculate it for you and send your payment automatically to the carrier.

Preferred Pricing
No Deposits
Simplified Audit*
Premium paid on actual payroll
Easy to transfer from previous payroll company

By pairing your Work Comp and Payroll programs, you re-gain control of your cash flow by no longer having to pay a large sum up front or risk a year-end audit to see if you owe even more!
*(Other circumstances in an audit can require an additional amount owed at the end of the policy year such as misclassification of an employee)

Payroll on the Web has the best pricing nationwide through preferred markets and access to regional and national carriers for the best value in your region.

Experience Mod and Claims Management Human Resources and Workers' Comp Claims
Integrity testing for new hires
OSHA Assistance and Expert Safety Support
Free Mock OSHA Inspection
Onsite safety inspection, employee meeting and supervisor training
Online OSHA Log Management System
Work Comp Certified Claims Consultant
Online Claims Portal for up-to-date claims status