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Multiple locations?  Numerous employees?  Constant changes?  How does it all come together?

Our payroll software is proprietary which which gives us full control when it comes to customization and truly tailoring it to our clients' needs.

Our system allows us to easily import your employee, payroll and year-to-date data automatically through polling starting from the initial launch. This saves you time from having to pull data files yourself, although, you can reserve to have that option as well. We can import data files from almost any POS or timekeeping software. In some cases, we create a custom interface to extract the data. Different companies use various POS and timekeeping software which is why we offer the value of providing a choice of import method. This makes the process of switching as smooth as possible.

Once your initial data is verified, regular payroll information can be transmitted to us in the manner that suits you. You can fax or email it, enter it in our on-line program, send it in a data file, or have us poll the data automatically.

Our systems support direct deposit to multiple accounts, unlimited earning and deduction codes, employee access to pay stubs and W-2's, custom messages, signatures and logos on checks, tips, commissions, multiple states and much more.

Payroll on the Web has partnered with the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) to act as its client’s liaison in transmitting and processing E-IWOs.
Click here to read more about e-IWOs.

We can track and report on important Human Resources Data and import data for Shoes-for-Crews.

We have a multitude of standard reports. However, if you have a need, we can create custom reports for you. Included in our standard reports are PPACA reports which include: Average Employee hours, Monthly Employee Hours, Full Time and full time equivalent status, Employees Worked Multiple Companies, Look back period and PPACA CSV for export.
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Keep up to date by having labor reports emailed daily or even sent to your mobile device.

Our developers are top-quality. They have the ability to customize the system so you can collect all the data you need and turn it around into custom reports for your business needs.

Custom interfaces can also be written for your GL/Accounting software programs.

Just ask us -- it can be done!