Payroll Processing for Jack In The Box Operators...much more flexible and inexpensive than ADP or similar companies.  Our services include polling stores for time cards, printing checks, creating Quarterly/Annual Reports and W2's and much, much more!

  • Now processing over 50,000 Jack in the Box checks per month.
  • We poll the stores for timecards/new hires and upload to our payroll system.
  • You can maintain salary employees or we can do it for you.
  • You check reports and let us know if you approve payroll.
  • We then print checks and Courier/Fedex to your office or stores.
  • Alternatively we will print to your printer at your office saving FedEx costs.
  • Full featured Human Resources Management System.
  • You keep your tax money until it is due.
  • Can provide ACH Direct Deposit through your bank.
  • QuickBooks import file of payroll data.
  • You can print payoff/makeup checks on your printer between payrolls.


  • We take care of processing payroll, paying liabilities on time, filling out tax forms, new hire reporting to state, W2's and forwarding garnishment payments.
  • Secure Web based system. Multiuser.
  • You have access to most areas of our payroll software. Look up personnel data change rates run between payroll checks.
  • Our system allows you to pay your employees by COMDATA debit card (checkless) like Jack in the Box corporate.
  • Full featured Human Resources system. Can track detailed personnel data.
    >> Lots of Personnel fields
    >> Track I9, Work Permit expiration
    >> Pay Raise History
    >> Review History
    >> Create Notes
    >> Upload employee paperwork and tag to employee
    >> Termination History
    >> Track LOA
    >> Vacation, Sick and Personal accruals
    >> Record Injury
  • Paychecks can print on blank check stock on your printer or can be sent by Courier/Fedex. Signature prints on checks. Multiple EIN's or banks are no problem.
  • Checks are written on your bank account so any pay checks or liabilities will only clear when they are presented at bank. No more payroll company making money off your money.
  • Handle borrowed employees if JIB uses the Kronos/Personnel system correctly. One check but charged to the correct stores, The stores show on check stub. If employee work two EIN's they will get 2 checks.
  • Easy feature to void checks.
  • Employees can log in and see their check history, totals, vacation accruals etc.
  • Handles multiple Garnishments, Pretax Medical Benefits, 401K plans deferred benefit and loans.
  • Handles deductions like shoes for crews, uniforms, cash shortages and misc. deductions.
  • Vacation, Holiday and Sick accruals.
  • Employees can log in and see their check history, totals, vacation accruals etc.
  • Soon will have full OSHA reporting.
  • Quarterly Reports are available online.
  • At end of payroll run we have our software print out an invoice and print AliMac a check which will be dated same as employee payroll checks. The invoice is e-mailed to you before that date.
  • Our support and responsiveness are second to none. We are contactable anytime through many ways.
  • We will work evenings, weekends and/or holidays if necessary to make deadlines.
  • We can administer WOTC Credits. Visit our site www.mywotccredits.com.
  • Lots of Reporting and analysis.
    >> Payroll Acceptance and Injury Report for employee to sign when they pick up check to show hours are correct and that they have not had an injury.
    >>Payroll Deposit Requirements Report. What you need in bank to pay all payroll obligations
    >> Employee Turnover Report by company, location, corporate, production, team member, team leader. Lots of flexibility
    >> Check Detail History
    >> Payroll Allocations Report
    >> Employee Count
    >> Active employees that have not had a check
    >> Pay Code Report
    >> Accurate Labor % report
    >> Birthdays and Anniversaries Reports
    >> Salary and Hourly Rate reports

Our Unique Experience:

We have years of experience in payroll:

  • We have set up various companies to run their own in house payroll since 1997 some with over 4,000 employees and 10,000 W2's. We have payroll clients In AZ, OR, WA, CA, ID, NV, OK, CO, and TX. We help clients get data from time clocks, process the checks, create quarterly returns and W2's and make sure liabilities paid on time. Plenty of good references.
  • We have 12 experienced employees who worked with payroll for several years before working for AliMac. Most have worked previously with Jack in the Box payrolls before joining us.
  • We have built our own payroll software with our own in house developers based on the best of other systems we have been using for years and then enhancing it. We are making enhancements to our software all the time.

Easy Setup:

  • We can import from most existing payroll providers or software the employee personnel data and YTD totals.
  • We will setup bank info , upload a signature (optional), set up ACH with your bank, Company info, benefit plans, deferred compensation plans, garnishments etc.
  • We will train you on how to use it and do a trial run.
  • We have a very comprehensive manual.


  • We own our new dedicated web server that has redundant drives and power supply - one goes down the other takes over.
  • Server is hosted at a massive co hosting facility in Sacramento. http://www.heraklesdata.com.  It has 24 hour security, server is caged and locked, constantly on UPS power, 1 week diesel generator backup, cooling system, 24 hour cameras and tightly restricted access, 7 different internet connections. One goes down another takes over. EBay.com hosts their servers here so it must be good.
  • Hardware firewall.
  • Website uses SSL. https:// Shows lock.
  • Hackers get locked out after 3 attempts on wrong logins for FTP or database access. Use complex passwords.
  • We do not store Social Security Numbers on server. We use an algorithm to recreate the SSN from various fields 'on the fly'.
  • Use a secondary authentication for access that includes identifying the computer like credit cards companies and banks use now. So if spyware captured your main login and password and someone tried to use it they would fail on secondary authentication.
  • Logging of all activity including login name, IP address, date, time and features used.
  • 3 separate backups daily.
  • We have for 24/7 tech support for our web server.


  • The cost is $1.25 per check + $0.20 per Direct Deposit (no extra costs except delivery cost and new hires). New Hires are $2.85 each. No cost for processing W2's, reporting new hires, processing garnishments, creating Quarterly/Annual Reports.
  • The only other charge is if you have multiple EIN's we charge $45 per quarter for the extra EIN's to create the quarterly reports for state and IRS.
  • If we need to overnight the checks you will pay the cost. We generally use couriers that are half the cost of FedEx
  • The printed W2's will be sent to your office. You can distribute or mail yourself (stamps are your responsibility).

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